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Detective Comics #356 Mid to Higher grade 1st App. Outsider

  • $37.50

Oct, 1966   Print Date:  Grade Range:   6.5 to 7.0:      Enough cover wear to keep it from grading out much higher then a 7.0.  Spine & staple stress with creasing around the top staple, color breaks & rub-off along the spine, corner folds with breaks and some tearing at the top left corner (about 1/2" to 3/4"), some cover indentations and crease marks.    We strive for across the board 5 Star Feedback ratings.  Please contact us prior to leaving anything else.  On comic book grading, we only provide a grade to help you the buyer make an informed purchasing decision.  As it is subjective, only the viewer should determine the grade.   Purchase up to $25.00 in books or comics from our store and receive Free US shipping with them.  It does not apply to auctioned or certified material but we do combine some shipping cost on multiple orders.  With-hold payment until you have been invoiced.  Internationals pay all shipping fees.  Due to E-bays' current policy of requiring 1-day handling in order to maintain TSR status, we are forced to require immediate payment.  If you need additional time to pay for your item, please message us. Additional time should not be an issue, and in the past we have allowed up to 2 weeks prior to initiating contact. We do however, need to know what your intentions are regarding payment. But with the new policy, our only alternative is to sit in front of a computer screen wondering if and when a buyer is going to pay.  If you believe that the 1 day handling policy is ridiculous, as we do, please express your opinions to E-bay. It can take more then a day, just to restock shipping supplies. 

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